A graphic adventure set in contemporary London


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Mudlarks is a point-and-click graphic adventure set in contemporary times where you play Winston, a normal young man who lives and works in London and who has a rather peculiar hobby: he is a mudlarker (someone who walks river banks looking for valuable objects).

The story of Mudlarks starts when your main character and his mudlarking partner find a mysterious jewel on the banks of the Thames. Everything changes from that moment on, and a series of chained events will lead Winston down a path he never expected to walk.

Besides the story, Mudlarks has more than 40 locations, more than 40 characters you can interact with, thousands of dialogues, dozens of puzzles to solve, and above all a long and complex storyline set in modern London.

Mudlarks is a comprehensive and traditional graphic adventure. The graphics could be better, but as soon you advance a little in the storyline, you discover an interesting and intriguing plot that completely overshadows the technical aspects of the game.
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